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Graphic Designing

Visual content has taken the world by storm. It has become an attractive way to promote business on different platforms. Using the right images and graphics helps businesses stand out from the crowd. At InterMedia Web, we offer effective and thoughtful graphic designs for companies of all sizes-from the Fortune 1000s to the smallest businesses.

We have a unique way of handling any graphic designing project, where we start by studying your market and competitors. Then, we brainstorm with our creative designers to generate ideas that are fun, effective and unique.
The graphic designing team works furnishes the process from start to finish in a detailed and creative spirit. Paying attention to detail while maintaining creativity, that is the key to our design philosophy.

What do we offer?

Print Designs
We maintain high quality standards for all printed products like packaging, labels, business cards, outdoor banners, clothing, wall stickers, cover designs, flyer designs, hoardings and brochures. Our graphic designers take care of all these from start to end with finesse.

Promotional Designs
We can show you how to promote your products and services in newer ways. Both informational and advertising content can be enhanced by our designers to convert regular viewers into customers and social media followers.

Logo Designs
No business or brand is complete without a logo. It is the first thing that needs to be considered when you decide to give your brand an identity. After initial selection, the same can be modified or revised if the time demands. And at every step we would be there. We are here to create an icon that would satisfy media, customers, investors and suppliers, all at once.

Brand Identity Designs
You can enhance your brand identity by letting our designers perfect the message you want to convey by means of fonts, layouts and color palettes. We take our work seriously and thus would pay attention to the tiniest possible design detail.

Info-graphics let you communicate with the audience in the best way. Professionals like scientists, educators, corporate executives, technical writers and statisticians would gain the most from it. Maps, data and signs can be combined to give clear and precise graphics which they need for presentations.

Motion Graphics
Video technology plays an important role in marketing. InterMedia Web can help you to thrive by incorporating animated video content like kinetic typography in your presenter videos.

Label Designs

The power of labels cannot be ignored. A good label would attract more business. If you have a design idea, discuss with us. We would love to work on it to create something you have envisioned. If not, leave the job for us.

Advantages of Using Our Services
  • Highly experienced and skilled graphic design team
  • Solution to any query related to graphic design
  • Quickest turn-around-time
  • Innovative designs and trans-formative results
  • Quality product delivery