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Web Designing

Experience the Difference
Custom websites designed by InterMedia Web are specifically made to facilitate your company to grow online. In other words, our sole endeavor is to design extraordinary website to ascertain your presence on the Internet. We also strive for you to get in contact with prospective clients who are looking for the kind of services or products you have to offer.

What to Expect?
  • Create an online presence
  • Get noticed by your clients on the Internet
  • High ranking on search engines
  • Local online marketing
  • Highlight your services or products
  • Smartphone and tablet friendly interface to reach wider audience
  • Track website performance
  • Integrated payment gateway with website
  • Lead tracking

Inclusions in Your Custom Website:

Innovative Website Design
We understand that through the website you want to engage your prospective customers with your business. The website must be able to establish your credibility at once among the clients. You need enticing imagery, engaging content and a thoughtful design to have what you want. InterMedia Web would do everything possible within its capability to ensure that you can put your best foot forward in terms of website design.

Online Marketing
The most effective way to promote your website and make your presence felt on the Internet is by indulging in online marketing. It does not only bring in more traffic to the website but also enhance your ranking on different search engines which in turn helps in building credibility of your venture. We continue to monitor your listings on local directories, search engines, GPS, mobile and social networking sites. You get updates on all your listings in one step. There would be an SEO Consultant provided to you to guide you with website optimization and enhancing your web presence.

Website Stats
Website statistic is indispensable when it comes to analyzing online presence. Check your progress and accordingly make necessary changes to improve your website and its marketing strategy. We offer round the clock access to Internet Scorecard. The key features include website visitors, website traffic, lead inquiries, etc. Your primary domain name is also eligible to get a professional email account for free. Check all your active listings and simultaneously track online visibility.

Mobile Website
People prefer to use their smartphone or tablet for browsing the Internet these days. Thus, it is extremely important for any website to have a smartphone and tablet friendly interface. We do just the same so that you have a wider presence.

Web Hosting Services.
It is extremely important to choose the right web hosting service provider. You need a reliable hosting with unlimited storage space as your website traffic would increase in the future. You also need hosting service with impeccable customer support so that you are never stuck with anything as far as the matter of your website is concerned. We would offer everything mentioned above and more if you choose as us as your hosting service provider. We shall provide the hosting package in accordance with your business type.