e-Commerce or electronic commerce refers to the trading process, through which business organizations market their goods and services with the help of computer networks like internet.

The underlying principles behind e-Commerce are the same as those of the traditional business policies. The sellers as well as the buyers come together for swapping commodities in lieu of money.

However, the only difference lies in the fact that in place of the traditional stores, telephone operators, mail order catalogs, there is the internet connection which is relied upon for business transactions.

Whether your e-commerce website needs a makeover or a few tweaks, our web-designers can get it done with ease. We are a team of professional designers with years of experience in creating web stores with unique designs.

What Do We Offer?

  • Custom background as well as content areas that put you at a different place from the competition
  • Advanced features such as "View Related Products, "Click to Enlarge”, etc.
  • Strategic design elements to enhance Search Engine Optimization
  • Newsletters and contact forms to make your mailing list
  • Customized home page designs

We also offer our services on a wide range of custom elements, for instance:
  • Custom Menus and categories
  • Store Navigation
  • Upsell and Cross Sell Tools
  • Social Media Integration

We promise to provide you a professional and sleek web store that is easy to navigate thereby encouraging quick sales conversions.

Our WebSHOP Package Include:

Online Product Catalog
You can now manage products and control the level of inventory with one-click.
Add a Web Store
Built-in Marketing Tools
Dynamic Store Design
If you are a new player in the ecommerce space and wondering how to get started with an online store, we can help. You can go about developing your business as we help you to develop your online store.

InterMedia Web has all the tools and strategies necessary to get an online business like yours up and running in no time.

Features of our e-commerce solutions.

  1. Easy to manage and add products.
  2. Real-time payment and shipping updates.
  3. Completely customizable storefront.
  4. Tablet and smartphone friendly website interface.
  5. Secure and reliable shopping cart.
  6. Simple order processing and payment options.
  7. Offers, merchandising and promotions.
  8. Robust statistics and reporting.
  9. 3rd party plug-ins integration.
  10. Search engine and online marketing readiness.
  11. Avail our buy more and save more multi-store discount package.

How does it work?

You must know that managing an ecommerce venture successfully takes proper preparation and right tools. Our ecommerce packages are tailor-made to make it easier to build and manage a web store with little or no experience.

InterMedia Web is committed to bring in long-term success for our clients. We offer all kinds of support and technical knowledge to help your business grow manifolds within a short span of time.

A business faces many challenges at the time of launch. We make selling online easier with the help of our smooth processes and simple solutions.

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